With playoffs nearing, who's hot & who's not?

The most common time for fantasy Football's regular season to end is Week 13, meaning that for many of you, there are only two weeks left in your "regular season" before your playoffs begin -- usually running from Week 14 to 16 because everyone knows Week 17 is worthless.

A few owners have already clinched playoff berths and are just hoping their stud players remain healthy, while a few owners are already eliminated and looking ahead to their baseball fantasy draft.

Most fantasy teams, however, are fighting to get into the playoffs -- making the next five weeks the most important weeks of the year (with apologies to Christmas, your birthday, and April 15th).

That's why it's vital to consider this question: Who's hot and who's not. (NFL schedules during the playoff weeks are also vital and we will address that soon.) So let's review because there are some surprisingly hot and alarmingly cold players out there over the last three weeks.

Hot QBs -- Kurt Warner is hardly a surprisingly No. 1 but Tyler Thigpen is a stunning No. 2 with 6 TDs and 970 yards.

Cold QBs -- Eli Manning is No. 17, Aaron Rodgers is No. 18, Philip Rivers is No. 21 and Brett Favre is No.22. Ben Roethlisberger is No. 30 with no passing TDs in three games.

Hot RBs -- Thomas Jones is No. 1 and DeAngelo Williams is No. 2. Can't get much hotter than that.

Cold RBs -- Clinton Portis is No. 30 and Brian Westbrook is No. 40. That's truly frightening for their owners as these are franchise players.

Hot WRs -- Actually, Anquan Boldin is the only hot WR at No. 1, but Justin Gage (No. 5) and Dwayne Bowe (No. 10) are pleasant surprises.

Cold WRs -- Andre Johnson is a shocking No. 27, Greg Jennings is No. 28, Randy Moss is No. 37 and Terrell Owens is No. 38. But that's why we hate receivers.

If you have any of these dead cold stars, you must think about benching them if you have anybody worth putting in their place. On the other hand, prayer is always good.

Tonight's game

Cincinnati (1-8-1) at Pittsburgh (7-3)

Are the Bengals hot or what? Three weeks without a loss (win-bye-tie)! All that's left is a blizzard tonight and a postponement. Or, of course, a loss. They will be playing their second game in five days -- and their last game went 75 minutes. And when it rains, in Pittsburgh, it often snows. The Bengals had 2 offensive linemen hurt as QB Ryan Fitzpatrick was sacked 8 times. And when the Steelers beat them 38-10 earlier, just the Steeler linebackers got 7 sacks. After the tie, Bengal LB Brandon Johnson said, "I feel like we're 1-9." You will be soon.

LINE: Steelers by 10 1/2 . JERRY: Steelers by 7.

Dirty dozens

No denying my dozens lists last week were a disaster. The top QBs were Matt Cassel and Shaun Hill. Top RB was Joseph "Remember Me?" Addai. Top WR was Justin "Are You Kidding Me?" Gage. And the top TE was Ben "Hah-Hah" Watson, which makes sense when your small-armed quarterback throws for 400 yards. We'll really try to do better today using the standard scoring-plus-yardage system.


1. Peyton Manning, IND, 30 pts.

2. Jay Cutler, DEN, 29 pts.

3. Tony Romo, DAL, 28 pts.

4. Aaron Rodgers, GB, 28 pts.

5. Kerry Collins, TEN, 27 pts.

6. Tyler Thigpen, KC, 26 pts.

7. Kyle Orton, CHI, 25 pts.

8. Kurt Warner, ARI, 25 pts.

9. Ben Roethlisberger, PIT, 24 pts.

10. Drew Brees, NO, 23 pts.

11. Philip Rivers, SD, 22 pts.

12. Jeff Garcia, TB, 21 pts.

Running backs

1. Matt Forte, CHI, 28 pts.

2. LaDainian Tomlinson, SD, 27 pts.

3. Marion Barber, DAL, 27 pts.

4. Frank Gore, SF, 26 pts.

5. Willie Parker, PIT, 25 pts.

6. Adrian Peterson, MIN, 25 pts.

7. Marshawn Lynch, BUF, 24 pts.

8. Clinton Portis, WAS, 23 pts.

9. DeAngelo Williams, CAR, 23 pts.

10. Joseph Addai, IND, 22 pts.

11. Michael Turner, ATL, 21 pts.

12. Brandon Jacobs, NYG, 20 pts.

Wide receivers

1. Anquan Boldin, ARI, 27 pts.

2. Terrell Owens, DAL, 26 pts.

3. Santana Moss, WAS, 25 pts.

4. Reggie Wayne, IND, 24 pts.

5. Brandon Marshall, DEN, 24 pts.

6. Greg Jennings, GB, 24 pts.

7. Larry Fitzgerald, ARI, 23 pts.

8. Roddy White, ATL, 22 pts.

9. Andre Johnson, HOU, 21 pts.

10. Hines Ward, PIT, 21 pts.

11. Steve Smith, CAR, 20 pts.

12. Braylon Edwards, CLE, 20 pts.

Tight ends

1. Dallas Clark, IND, 20 pts.

2. Jason Witten, DAL, 20 pts.

3. Chris Cooley, WAS, 20 pts.

4. Antonio Gates, SD, 19 pts.

5. Kellen Winslow, CLE, 18 pts.

6. Tony Gonzalez, KC, 18 pts.

7. Zach Miller, OAK, 17 pts.

8. Dustin Keller, NYJ, 16 pts.

9. Owen Daniels, HOU, 15 pts.

10. Bo Scaife, TEN, 15 pts.

11. Greg Olsen CHI, 14 pts.

12. Tony Scheffler, DEN, 14 pts.


Two words for Bills' Rian Lindell: "Wide right."


1. Tampa Bay,15 pts.

2. Pittsburgh, 15 pts.

3. Chicago, 15 pts.

4. Dallas, 14 pts.

5. Tennessee, 14 pts.

6. Denver, 13 pts.

7. Miami, 13 pts.

8. New England, 13 pts.

9. Baltimore, 12 pts.

10. Carolina, 12 pts.

11. Atlanta, 12 pts.

12. Washington, 12 pts.

Author: Fox Sports
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Added: November 21, 2008